the bold and lively characters of Angelica liv


Name: Angelica Liv

Location: Berlin

Website & social: & @angelicaliv

Her work consists of vibrant colors and powerful characters, often depicting emotion and animated personalities. She loves playing with opposites, bringing together contrasting ideas in a play of expression. Inspired by the common experiences of human history, her style is sparked by interest in ancient egyptian and african artwork. Her work includes screen printing, acrylic painting on wood, muralism, gifs, zines, analogue and digital illustration. She has been featured in Vice, Filmouflage Festival, and BABBEL Magazine amongst more.

Meet painter and illustrator, Angelica Liv.

So great to talk with you angelica, pop welcomes you as our first creative highlight. we are all excited to learn more about you and hear your words of advice to others in the arts & design industries. To give our readers some background, Tell us a bit about yourself and what do you do?

“I’m a Colombian born illustrator and painter. Since 2012 I live in Berlin but work internationally on different projects involving visual arts. I also organize film screenings and small exhibitions with Filmouflage. All sorts of image creation began with photography and handcrafts as a kid.

I have lived in many places since an early age, so I think my workflow has been shaped by always having to start over or buy new materials….again and again. That resumes the use of a mixture of thin or thick lines, constantly playing with opposite ideas, the beautiful or ugly, private or public, etc. For some time, I dedicated only to a practice of sewing and various paper crafts. Later, I focused a lot on photography and landed at last to focus mainly on analog approaches to illustration (such as acrylic painting, muralism, zine making and screen printing).”

“Art assists us in the process of humanizing and comprehending aspects of life….”


you’ve definitely experimented with a lot of different creative areas. now, you have a very distinct and bold character style. are there any particular artists that influence your work most?

“I am currently greatly influenced by a lot of sorts of ancient art including West African masks, Egyptian murals and murayama watercolor painting or Ukiyoe.”

Art has certainly played a role in cultures for centuries, its timeless. you pull inspiration from people that have lived before us, truly keeping this expression alive. In your own perspective, what role does art have in society?

“I think art helps us understand realities that are either completely opposite and far from what we think we are or where we grew up and/or allows us to look inwards to realities or experiences that we have not yet managed to process or articulate about being who we are.

Art assists us in the process of humanizing and comprehending aspects of life and it can be greatly diverse in the sense that every artist has a different need and different way to express what he/she is perceiving of what is happening in their life and time.”

Very well said. Art is a powerful tool of communication & understanding. When it comes to creation and your process, What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Accept your process as different as it has to be.

Everybody kind of searches for a magic formula that can work but in reality you just kind of have to move through your own rhythm and your own sources of emotion, inspiration, motivation. Whatever your needs are, you have to try to feed those needs in your own way with your own resources.”

Que viva el levante!   Mural done as a live painting performance with Mustang Colorado in Vintrash, Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Que viva el levante!

Mural done as a live painting performance with Mustang Colorado in Vintrash, Bucaramanga, Colombia.


Power Animals Serie

Power Animals Serie

being in a creative profession, its can sometimes be challenging to visualize what your next project will be. What’s your best piece of advice to get over a creative block?

“Move your body, sweat. And speak & write your mind.”

To close the conversation, pop is always interested to learn more about where artists seek their motivation…..the driving force behind their work. What inspires you?

“I’m currently very inspired by history. I watch and read a lot about the world’s populations and their struggles through centuries and it inspires me how much everything is connected.

Although a lot of experiences are new to me today, some of these same experiences have been lived by other humans from other generations. It is interesting how many forms of art have been a medium to solve the challenges of social and political situations since hundreds of years.” 

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El Piscinazo: Colombia - Japann World Cup 2018

El Piscinazo: Colombia - Japann World Cup 2018