To these siblings, Being on stage is like Disneyland, the happiest place on earth….


NAME: Beauz (Bernie & Johan Yang)

LOCATION: San Francisco/Los Angeles, CA

WEBSITE & SOCIAL: // & @beauzmusic

Beauz (pronounced bowz) is an American DJ / producer duo consisting of brothers Bernie and Johan Yang. In their musical career, they aim to connect cultures and bring positivity through their music, which you can quickly determine from their attitude about the industry and optimistic mindset. Their music inspiration grew from artists such as DJ Snake, Alan Walker, David Guetta, and Jay Chou.

In only four years, they have gathered the support of many top DJs in the music world (including Zedd, Diplo, Martin Garrix, and tiesto amongst others) and have totaled over 190+ million streams across various platforms.

The brothers quickly gained attention from several of their remixes for popular electronic artists such as Zedd, Cash Cash, Tritional, Galantis, and more. Other popular hits include Crazy, Sayonara, and Bipolar…which can be found on any of their online channels. With the support of each other and their family, this duo is continuing to spread their talent (and positivity) into speakers throughout the world.

Meet Bernie and Johan of Beauz.


Pop welcomes both of you! Thank you for taking the time to share a little about your musical journey for our readers.

To start off, could you tell us a bit about how your music journey has changed since starting off? How do you feel you’ve both grown and changed within it?

“This music journey has been full of ups and downs. Some days we’d feel like we’re living our best lives while some days it’d feel like every we encounter roadblocks in every path we take. Therefore we’ve definitely become more thick-skinned and unafraid of failures.

As we progress further in our career, we also realize the grind never stops. We’d initially think reaching a goal we set for ourselves meant “we made it”, but when we actually accomplished it, we immediately realize the hole goes much deeper and we have to set new goals to move further forward. As a result we believe the keys to succeed in the music industry or the entertainment business in general are to believe in yourself, practice as much as you can, be persistent in the grind, and keep a positive attitude.”

It always seems as though bigger and bigger goals are set within any dream, you never really know what you’re facing until you start doing it. But then you keep investing more and can’t stop. Then you keep learning and adjusting your dream.

I think the persistence and dedication to the cause keeps you going. And of course….practice, practice, practice.

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?


“We wish social media played a less important part in an artist’s career. These days it can seem that artists should care more about the social content they put out rather than the quality of music they release. Don’t get it wrong: we truly enjoy connecting with our fans and posting interesting content that we feel is worth sharing. However, some days we’d feel the pressure to post consistently or else we’d lose the attention war against everyone else; and the pressure sometimes would affect our mental health and productivity in the studio. We have come to accept this as part of being a contemporary successful artist though, so we learnt how to get used to it.”

that makes sense. It seems as though social media has both positive and negative affects for exposure in every industry. It certainly acts as an added form of display, but it can easily be focused on other aspects rather than the music itself. Its something that artists in the modern age have to adapt to.

For our next question, i’d love to know…How did you come up with the name BEAUZ?

BEAUZ came from the word beaux, which means stylish and dandy in French. Our Chinese fans have donned an awesome nickname for us though: Treasure Boys. The reason behind is that they had to dig hard to discover us because we are relatively new within the industry, but once they discover our music, it is as if they unearthed a hidden treasure.”

Did you both have a mentor or someone that particularly helped you when starting off in the music industry?


Many people helped us along the way, but we owe the most to our manager Antonio, who’s all the way in Europe but has done more for us than anyone else has. Antonio isn’t a mentor, but he grew with us along the way and has become the person most familiar with our brand and our needs, as well as the person we trust the most. Other than Antonio, we’d like to shoutout Anton (Zedd), Ari (Medii), Jessie (Kastilione), Elaine of Neon Owl, and Brandon and Eddie of White Rabbit; they’re all amazing people who have shown us lots of love.

You’ve performed in so many colleges and venues across America and Asia. You’ve truly been all over and in front of so many people performing your music.

What festival or venue would you most like to play at in the future?

“UMF, EDC, Holy Ship, E-Zoo, Coachella, ISY, etc. Gotta play them all!.”

What feelings/thoughts go through your mind when you're about to perform live?

“We used to get uncontrollable tremors right before performing due to nervousness, but eventually those feelings changed: these days we just feel happy and energetic with adrenaline rushes. Being on stage is like Disneyland to us, the happiest place on earth.”


Wow. That truly makes it all worthwhile. What an amazing feeling to be there together.

What is one track you could keep on repeat and not get tired of it?

Capsize by Frenship. There are just so many amazing melodies and ideas in the song seamlessly put together. Alan Walker songs are also ultra-repeatable.

BRINGING OUR TALK TO A CLOSE, What do you think has been a key component of your success so far?

We wouldn’t have come this far without having each other’s back, having the love and support from our family, and faith in God. As brothers and the men of the household we’ve had our fair share of quarrels but we have learned to understand and take care of each other’s, no matter what. We talk to each other every day and we always remind each other why we chose this path.

Our family has had and still has doubts about our career, but they are the most loving and caring people in our lives and we will try our absolute best to make them proud of us. Most importantly, we strive to live a morally righteous life because God has blessed us with the talent of making beautiful music for the world.”

“we believe the keys to succeed in the music industry or the entertainment business in general are to believe in yourself, practice as much as you can, be persistent in the grind, and keep a positive attitude.”