Chelou - Out Of Sight

featuring Artwork By Robin Eisenberg and Animation By Kris Baldwin


London-based artist, Chelou shared his video for track “Out Of Sight,” pairing up with Los Angeles Artist Robin Eisenberg and Animator Kris Baldwin to create an out of this world video.

Billboard premiered the video, referring to Eisenberg’s characters as “neon-skinned, space-traveling femmes.” In the video, a galactic heroine and her dog travel through a stars into a psychedelic space city. The girl feels isolated and disconnected, with her dog as her moral sidekick. She is faced with shadows as she seems to meet herself. We see pieces of her life flashing in clips until she confronts whatever she’s been driving away from.

“Out Of Sight” was produced by Cam Blackwood (known for his work with London Grammar & Florence & The Machine). Within a few days they created “Out Of Sight” together, later becoming the title track.

Robin Eisenberg

Robin Eisenberg is an American illustrator and designer, based in Los Angeles. With a musical background herself, she had been in a band called the Crocodiles after graduating college. She soon decided to start doing her art full time, starting her own business making enamel pins and patches.

Eisenberg’s early interest in sci-fi and fantasy definitely inspired her heavy of lifeforms on other planets, normally doing things like eating pizza or playing video games. Eisenberg celebrates the various shapes of female bodies and proudly flaunts sexuality throughout her pieces.

Some of her most notable partnerships include collaborations with Thrasher and Vans, in which she has since began hosting Nationwide art workshops.

Kris Baldwin

Is a Los Angeles based animator. He has done client work for Adult Swim, AMEX, Self Magazine, Pantene, Qualcomm, the San Diego Padres, and Little Caesars. Check out a few of his animations here.


“Out of sight
I'll be forgiven
In the forefront
I'm forced to break away

I'm trying to be someone
But I don't even know what that means
And I'm trying to do something
But I don't even know what that is

How cold must you be
To do the things you do
Out of sight?

Out of sight
I'll keep you satisfied
In the dark we speak in tongues

I'm trying to get started
But I can't find a man on the run
And I'm trying to get going
But I already see that I'm done

How low must you stoop
To bow before the throne?

On your own
Out of sight
On your own
Out of sight

She had me
Run run run run run run run run run run run run running away