Art Studio + Small apartment design by nicholas gurney

Living in a small space?

More and more people are making use of their small spaces, especially those living in bigger cities. Small doesn’t have to mean giving up all your favorite handbags. With better functionality, the design of your small space could make all the difference.

This video 527 square foot apartment in Sydney includes designs from Nicholas Gurney who transforms the space into stylish practicality on this episode of Never Too Small.

The apartment is bold with gold and a 1960’s touch of flair.

“Unique among 18 other 1960's walk-up apartments, Nicholas Gurney extensively reworked The Warren as a seamless space, drawing the eye deeper into the apartment. Removing the previous partitioning walls allowed all of the 49m2 space's necessities to be framed within a joinery concealed kitchen, and an inventive mirror clad central pod. Creating a calm, airy space; both art studio and home.”-NEVERTOOSMALL