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San Francisco is a city with an abundance of amazing street art - walking down its streets is like wandering through an art gallery. Over 1000 murals can be seen in all over the city - in some parts of the city, like the Mission, there are murals everywhere you look, and this is where you can find many of the best walls in San Francisco.
I am a sucker for a good wall and I love cruising the city to find them! Here, I've rounded up my favorites for the ultimate collection of the best walls in San Francisco, and where to find them.

Hayes Valley



Evolutionary Rainbow Wall 

By Yana Zegri, Cole Street & Haight Street


Jerry Garcia Mural

By Mel Waters, Cole Street & Haight Street


X-Ray of a Wolf Mural

By Nychos, Haight Street & Ashbury Street

Sunset District

Mission District

Clarion Alley



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